My desire is sharing my travels with students, friends and those with a passion for ‘change’!

The subtitle of my blog explains the dimensions of the blog: Social and Environmental Injustice, Diversity and Research.

We live in a global world today with the technology available to meet people in a virtual setting. We can skype, facetime, share our life on FaceBook, twitter, and of course the phone! It is fun to meet people from different cultures, within the virtual world.

My desire is to create a blog where we can share our thoughts-the funny, the sorrowful and the ugly- and our passions related to diverse social issues facing us today.

One aspect of the traveling blog is meeting and interviewing people; one example is during traveling back to Missouri in December I stopped at the Choctaw Rest Area in Oklahoma. I talked with three Native American ladies. They provided numerous booklets (including wonderful websites) supplying rich historical background of various tribes. In the hour I spent at this rest stop, the women shared experiences of growing up as Native American. The discrimination they faced each day in school, shopping and within the community. They shared by living on the Reservation there was acceptance and a sense of belonging.

The site ‘The Traveling Professor’ is a work in progress; I appreciate your patience.

Thanks for reading and posting!

Glenda Harrison

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